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Hey! It's Nicky again. I feel the need to share just a couple more pieces. These last three will show you how I've changed as a poet.

September 11, 2001: The Forgotten Plane

September eleventh, two thousand one was a horrific day for American citizens

It was the day we were attacked
Four hijacked planes were crashed into American landmarks
Two hit the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York
(What were said to be the strongest buildings in the world collapsed just over an hour after being hit)
Another hit the Pentagon, America's defense headquarters
One-fifth of America's armed forces HQ was destroyed

Then there was plane four
Many people forgot about it after the first month or so
People on that plane had already heard about the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon
When they were hijacked, they realized where their plane could be headed
Men on that plane, I can't even remember their names, organized a plan to overtake the hijackers
They knew that if they took over or not the plan would most likly crazh and they would die
They almost managed to take over the hijackers, cause the plane to crash in a deserted Philedelphia field
Those men probably saved hundreds of lives, but we don't remember them as well as the others because they didn't crash into a famous building
So don't just remember the Twin Towers and the Pentagon when September eleventh, two thousand one comes to mind
Remember the other plane that crashed in a field, instead of a building, because some very brave men were very courageous and helped to crash it there
When you remember 9-11, rember the forgotten plane

^ That was written when I was in eigth grade, just after September 11, 2001. I was thirteen and my writing sucked.

Thinking About You

I watch a movie
See a couple dance
And suddenly I'm wondering
What it would be like
To be wrapped up in your arms

I listen to a song
It's about the perfect love
And suddenly I'm pondering
What it would be like
To expierience it with you

I walk down the street
See couples kissing
And suddenly I'm imagining
What it would be like
To feel your lips on mine

I'm sitting in the dark
Thinking about you
Trying to picture
What it would be like
To tell you how I feel

I'm hoping one day
I'll get you alone
Abandon my fears and doubts
Live in the moment
And finally tell you 'I love you'

^ That was written 2-4-04. I was 15. I wrote it during English. My writing was improving.

I'll never create the masterpiece
That brings the people to their feet
I can't even begin to hope
That I really even know
What I'm doing on this path
Do you even need to ask
Yes, I'm know I'm just a child
But I'm trying to do something worthwhile
Something that will change the world
Even if I'm just a girl
I've still got a voice to share
Someone out there must surely care
Now can you begin to see
The path that's been set out for me
One filled with pleasure as much as pain
Sunshine days and pounding rain
The only thing I ask of you
Is something you can surely do
The only thing you have to be
Is the constant support I need
Just be there to hold my hand
As I lead the way into an unknown land

^ I wrote that 7-17-05, just 1 month 6 days before I turned 17. My writing has improved by leaps and bounds in my opinion.

What do you think? Which of the three is best?
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