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Im new to this community so hey. Here's the prologue to a short novel i started writng last year...



Erin dragged the serrated silver knife roughly through her tender pink skin; up, across and down. The harsh cutting movement savagely sliced open old raised scars, thin white welts and cigarette burns that littered the girl’s inner arm, releasing a torrent of blood. The blade carved firstly a jagged O, then two uneven L shapes, and finally, as a small, satisfied smile flickered across Erin’s red lips, a Y was formed. The new healing incisions shone in the wavering candle light as they slowly crusted over with drying black blood, spelling out a single word, a name; Holly as Erin smiled sadistically.


The buzzer into Carina’s basement flat rang noisily for what seemed like the thousandth time that night. Carina ignored it, as she was occupied by something more important and time consuming. Gripping a belt buckle between her rotting teeth, she hit her left upper arm repeatedly. The skin was sickly white as a brown leather belt was tied round it excruciatingly tight, restricting the blood flow to her arm, and causing crucial blue veins to bulge grossly from beneath the anaemic looking skin. Glisteningly happily, Carina’s eyes focused on the medical syringe, filled with a thick, musky, mud coloured liquid she held in her right hand. She inhaled, and pushed the plunger; the three inch long needle piercing her skin and entering a fat, translucent vein. Euphorically, Carina’s hazel eyes glazed over and she fell back onto the pile of dirty clothes she had been sat on. Carina was unconscious. The needle remained in her thin arm, surrounded by a tiny circle of dried red blood and the buzzer to her flat rang continually.


Loud rock music played out of huge, dusty speakers that stood in a far corner of the grimy strip bar. Overweight, balding men sat in groups, greasily gripping their ten pound notes between their fat, sausage shaped fingers, gazing hungrily at the slender, scantily clad dancers in front of them.

A petite blonde girl, wearing red lingerie that said “Jessika” on the bottom in diamante, danced on the main podium, flicking her long, peroxide dyed hair behind her and pouting suggestively. She had a whole crowd of men sat watching her, staring and drooling as she flirtatiously slipped her hands inside her bra and knickers, stroking the pale skin underneath…all the while eyeing the customers money that they were cautiously fingering. Jessika repeatedly span around and around the brass pole that was secured in the centre of the podium, shaking her body and bending over seductively, constantly aware of the eyes fixated on her. Striding forward to a particularly ugly, grey haired man, she grabbed his hand and let it slide with hers under the lace material of her bra, to rest on her soft pink nipple. Suddenly and aggressively, she pushed the elderly man’s hand out again, and it landed with a thump on his bulging erection. Hurriedly, he pushed twenty pounds into the Jessika’s bra as she giggled malevolently to herself.

As the pounding of thrashing guitars continued to boom from the speakers, Jessika straddled another customer, equally as ugly as the last, and removed her bra entirely, to loud cat calls and whistles from the audience. Forcing her full breasts into the man’s face, she was blessed with a surge of cash being shoved into her knickers. Triumphantly, Jessika stood up and prowled back onto the small pink platform. Loud, drunken shouts of “No!” were thrown at her as she walked off. Jessika paused, suddenly turning round. She retrieved all the money from inside the band of her red underwear, and smiled before slowly peeling off her lacy knickers. Angrily, she threw them at her leering audience and stalked off in her stilettos, clutching her wages tightly.


Holly groaned pleasurably as a dark haired stranger thrust himself deep inside her. Squeezing her skinny thighs together, Holly closed her eyes, preparing to fake an orgasm sequenced with the increased panting of the man on top of her. She moaned and shuddered convincingly as the tall stranger smiled triumphantly to himself, pulling himself put of Holly and laying beside her. He stroked Holly’s black and white blonde hair adoringly, but she kicked him forcefully to let him know that he wasn’t welcome to stay. With a disgruntled sigh, the man pulled on a t-shirt and jeans, leaving the room, his ego shattered. Smiling wickedly, Holly began touching her smooth pale skin and prominent bones. She let her hands glide over the sharp shape of the hip bone, the angular curve of her knees and the flatness of her flawless stomach, sliding three fingers down…giving herself the orgasm that the stranger hadn’t.

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