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Miss Jaci <3

I wrote this short story a few months ago.. but... here ya go!

The Cold Blood... line?

Jane had just gotten off the phone with her friend Freya, who had just broken up with her boyfriend. She had been crying hysterically and openly threatened suicide. That was when Jane decided to go over to Freya's house to offer emotional support and hopefully get her mind off the whole thing. So, she put on her coat and left the house and shut the door, leaving the TV on. The door slammed shut and with a little “click” the door was locked. It was at this point the TV announced that there had been a series of murders in the area… but Jane would never see this warning.
It was raining extremely hard and Jane wished she'd brought an umbrella. The streets were almost completely dark, except for the dim streetlights. On one side of the street there were rows and rows of apartment buildings, on the other grassland dotted with randomly placed trees. The trees gave off very elongated and scary shadows and the thought that anyone could hide behind them struck her. She saw something move at the corner of her eye. She jerked herself around to see what had caused the shadow, but the street was empty. The rain started to fall harder and hail started to fall, which were hitting the street so hard they bounced up on impact. She turned into one of the apartment buildings and went up to her friend's room.
She knocked… and then listened. There was no answer. She knocked again, this time harder... still, no answer. She pulled out her keychain with dozens of keys attached. Trying in one after the other and another and another and then finally the door clicked open. She opened it, the TV was left on. “…Today police found another dead...” she turned off the TV. “Hello?” she called. She knocked of the bedroom door… “Hello?” she said again. She opened the door… but just a crack. “Freya???” she called. She saw Freya's cat rush out of the room in a panic. “Hey kitty! What's up?” she said picking up the little black kitten… only to find blood covering the bottoms of its paws.
“What happened kitty??” she asked, but she was unsure if she really expected a reply from the cat. With that, she burst into Freya's room and saw a figure that appeared to be asleep lying with a blanket over them... “Freya! Oh thank god! You scared me!! …Freya?” she yanked the blanket off only to find Freya laying dead the contents of her stomach cut out, her large intestine strangling her body. Jane threw up and picked up the phone to call the police... but the line was dead. At that moment the door was flung open by some imagionary force, hitting the wall so hard it cracked the wood paneling.
She jumped up and ran out as fast as she could; screaming as loud as she could! She knocked on the window of an occupied car and told them to call the cops... all they did was drive away. She cried with all she was worth as if it would make anything better and ran around aimlessly until she tripped. She knocked her mouth on the street, which caused enough force to knock one of her teeth out and make another one loose. She put her fingers in her mouth and yanked the loose tooth out. A string of blood followed the tooth as she removed it from her mouth. The meows of a stray cat filled the street and it started to rain again. She stood up feeling very weak. The water had caused her hair to cake to her face and covered her eyes. Still in a state of temporary insanity, she ran in front of traffic and impact sent her back down to the ground.
Her eyes were so wide they looked as though they would be forced out of her head at any moment. She limped up and tried to run, fearing if she stayed in the same place too long someone might see her. She passed an empty ally and slipped into it silently; convinced anyone following her wouldn't have noticed. At that moment an arm tightened around her neck and threatened her to choke. She tried to scream but she could make little more then a squeak. She used her foot to kick this person as hard as she could in the knee, which made them loosen their grip enough for Jane to get free… but the killer was too fast. He grabbed her arm. They locked eyes and at that moment she knew, she opened her mouth and…. “Line?”
The lights came on, the cameras turned off... the killer pulled off his mask and pulled the script out, thrusting it into her hands forcefully, “DAMNIT MARY!! THIS IS THE 3RD TAKE AND YOU CAN'T REMEMBER THIS GOD DAMNED LINE! HOW HARD CAN IT BE?!” equally as forcefully he pulled the script back and read in a clear voice “Jane looks deep into the killers eyes and gets a look of realization and says 'I knew it was you…' The killer laughs and cuts her throat.” THAT'S IT!! THAT'S YOUR LINE!!! He threw the script on the floor angrily. A man appears from behind one of the cameras “we're going to have to do this scene again.”
With a sigh they get into position…. “ACTION!”...

"Jane had just gotten off the phone with her friend Freya, who had just broken up with her boyfriend…"
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